Why are dust sheets intrinsic to your business’ reputation

During the months of winter, we get a lot of rain which makes the ground muddy and slippery outside as well as inside. When you are a delivery man or a tradesman, this is a very big problem as most of your work involves moving outside and then inside time and time again. Wet weather can pose a lot of problems in such situations. The first problem is one which you really can’t help, treading dirt and mud into your home. The second problem too is unavoidable; a wet floor is dangerous and may cause you to slip.

Keeping everything in mind, you might consider using dirty carpets. The only problem is that they are quite expensive and having to replace one of them could easily cost a few hundred pounds. No one would like to spend that sort of money on a regular basis.

But it is important to look beyond monetary terms and compensations you may have to pay and note the damage such occurrences will cause to your reputation. After all, consumers are a lot happier to discuss the faults rather than the benefits of any company.

Even if you search the internet for cases involving delivery men and damaged floors, you will find hundred of accidents which could easily have been prevented with a dust sheet.

Another dangerous factor is a slipper floor. This can be a nightmare in terms of safety for both your team as well as your customers. When wet weather meets laminate or wood flooring, it can create quite the nuisance for the general public, not to mention tradesmen and delivery men.

If you slip on a wet floor, you can damage the interiors of a house, the product you are delivering or selling or even injure yourself. Slippery floors are also a hazard from the public’s point of view. It could lead to some very costly claims against your company. This will do not benefit to your reputation.

It is very difficult for a person to remove all risks from life but using dust sheets will surely help minimize the risk involved to property or person. If you are looking for protective floor coverings to install in your workplace you should get in touch with Griffith. They will surely find the right dust sheet for you.

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